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On Monday 24 Sept 2001, the 3B Building Salford was broken into. At the time it was storing the show you are about to see, prior to it being fully installed. A nearby car park attendant witnessed the 'young people' breaking in though a side entrance. He phoned the police. While waiting for the police he witnessed the ensuing frolics as flaming heads where paraded on sticks. An impromptu de-construction was also inflicted upon the giant face. The police never arrived. (hearsay) On Wednesday 26 Sept 2001 the installers arrived. Confronted by a dark smoke smelling building they phoned the police, they arrived soon after. A 'Blair Witch' search revealed a trail of destruction. A bonfire, debris and stolen goods. Outside a path of polystyrene, the fragments of the lost face. Back inside the cranium jammed down a stairwell The damage had been severe, 50% of the works had been looted (their taste impeccable) or destroyed (brutally critical) but salvageable.


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